Clock Movement Importers


Newsletter - May 2021

Our website is always under review so we can offer the best experience and up to date product information possible. 

We are sourcing now from 8 countries and the products can be specialised or generic depending on each and their specific use. Some of these item you may source yourself already, possibly from the same international supplier! However, our bulk purchase orders allow for us to make a margin, carry it here in stock and supply to you in 2 days by post, for about the same amount it would cost you to bring it in, taking up to a couple of weeks. Our service is well known to most current users as fast and reliable.

More than just a fresh new page layout, we still maintain the ease of use similar to our previous site, but now made it easier to view on ipads, tables, laptops and phones. The platform now changes to suit each device to give optimum presentation. Along with this new platform there is many new great features and search abilities to ensure your time finding items is quick and easy. Use the search bar to find items quickly using part number, key words or part word entries. An example is "Spring", this will find any item with a reference to spring, like Spring, Spring Barrel, Suspension Spring, Click Spring, Return Spring etc. More specific searches might be a main spring 17mm wide. Enter, spring17 and all the springs at this size will be shown. Try some different searches to see how easy this is.

A better quality of delivery of information to each individual item can be found when your on the item detail page. This will include Mulitiple Item images, Details & Specifications, Associated Documents or PDF information, shipping information and more.

Customer quick re order pages on items purchased previously and an invoice accounts listings to see how much business you have done with us, which could be useful at the end of a financial year. More efficient account registration processes, including reverse account approvals for customers with old accounts with us that would like to link it to our online system. Payment processes and descriptions are all just a little better and easier to follow to.

This year has been a bit of a catch up in regards to the problems we have all faced through the last year and a half of Covid delays. We as many other have managed and managed well considering. We are happy to say that business is going well. However world prices are increasing and we will not be able to maintain including these rising surcharges. By the end of 2021 our prices will increase, so if you want deals on Clocks or replacement movement etc, get in soon to be a winner.

If you have any comments please feel free to email or call us. You can also offer reviews via the google search page for Clock Movement Importers. Many thanks, Jeff & Rod Beaman.