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Case Produced in the Black Forest using Selected Timbers and Veneers with an Antique Pine Finish.
Solid Wood Regulator with Decorative Mouldings, Side Glass, Metal Dial and Grid Pendulum.
Solid Brass and Brass Plated Components, Hinges and Handles are used throughout Construction.

Clock Size: 87 x 32 x 15cm (35" x 13" x 6")
Carton Size:

Hermle Movement W351.830066
Automatic Night time shut-off (last chime 9.45pm first 7.00am).
Auto chime synchronization. Auto pendulum beat adjustment.
Double hung pulley cable driven time train with spring driven chimes.
5 side chime hammers strike bronze rod chime assembly side mounted.
2 x Polished Brass weight shells 50 x 140mm. 2 x Cast weights.
2 @ 2.75kg for time train. Plate size 120 x 120mm.
Complete with mounting bracket, brass shells, cast weights, cable &
pulley, hands, fixings, oil and installation instructions.
Second hand feature.

Select Dials: 921.10 929.10 930.10 or (932.10 Second feature)
Select Pendulum: PB.60 or PG.35

Movement Dimensions and Keyhole Positions refer page 28 of
CMI Ed15 Catalog available in the Download Section of this Website.
(refer Pendulum Specifications page 6.)

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