Corporate Gifts & Presentations

We would like to welcome all Businesses, Corporate Groups, Promotion Companies, Clubs and Associations to our Gift Selection Innititive.

Generally all of our Complete Clocks have been associated to a purchase, gift or presentation at some time. We do however suggest many of the smaller clocks for gifts or presentations. This is mainly due to ease of delivery based on our past experience of an item being required within a short frame of time. Our large range of Desk and Table or Wall clocks that fit this catagory can be priced from $40.00 to $15,000.00. We can cater for small quantities on short notice and larger quantities via indent order between 2 to 6 months.

Please register with your details to have a Shopping or Browsing Account setup. This will enable the item Pricing and Stock quantities to appear. When you have selected a range of models your interested in you can either Call or Email us for further details or technical data on the items or just proceed through the webshop to purchase them using a choice of payment options.

If you find that you need some specific direction for a suitable item or need something specially made to suit a purpose, please call us so we can arrange further solution options.

Please enjoy our website and feel free to offer any positive feed back you find appropiate. Follow the embedded link in the image below to browse a catagory.


Jeff & Rod

Clock Movement Importers Pty Ltd