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"Hermle" Mechanical

W.00461.053114 / Mechanical Clock Movement / Replacement Movement. Special Order.

114 cm Pendulum Series, 8 Day, Weight Driven, Westminster Chime Movement, Rear Striking on Gong Rods ( x 8 )

Plate Size : 200 mm x 140 mm x 32 mm Between Plates
Handshaft Size : 53.1 mm
Weight : 1600 Grams

Materials : Brass and Brass Plated Components, Machined Steel Parts and Nickle Plated Accessories

Features : Automatic Pendulum Beat, Automatic Night Time Silencing,
Automatic Chime Synchronization, Chime/Non Chime Selection.

Case Requirements : The Handshaft is on the centre line of any clock
Movement Dimensions are therefore all measured from the handshaft.
Down, Left, Right and Up ( including any Gong or Bell Assembly )
Depth is Total Depth from the tip of the Handshaft to the rear most point.
The Weight Drop is Measured from the Handshaft to the Bottom of the Weight Shells after 7 Days.

Note that: "Handshaft Up + Weight Drop = Total Length" (excluding dial)

The Measurements for this Movement are :

Handshaft Down : 70.0 mm
Handshaft Left : 100.0 mm
Handshaft Right : 160.0 mm
Handshaft Up : 172.0 mm
Depth : 217.0 mm
Weight Drop : 1280.0 mm
These Measurments include any Hammer or Bell.

Suits :
Handnuts E008.7102 and E008.7103 ( W.00461 and W.01161 )
Hands HM. series ( Except HM.08400 for W.01171 )
Suspension Spring E021.02481 ( 270mm disk )
Crutch E002.07040 ( 134.5mm )
Pendulum PA.13 and PL. pendulums in 114cm series

See : Other Movements in this Series

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