Pallet for W.00471, W.01171 with 35.0mm

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"Hermle" Mechanical

B024.00880 / Pallet

Pallet to suit Hermle Mechanical W.00471 and W.01171 Movements with 35 mm Pendulum Posts.

Size : 47.5 mm Long (Pinion) x 21 mm Wide (Anchor) x 48 mm (Pallet Length)
Weight : 5 Grams
Material : Machined Steel and Brass Alloy

Features : *This Pallet is to suit Hermle Automatic Beat Pendulum Movements.
It is Not Compatible with other Movements.

Suits : Hermle Mechanical W.00471 and W.01171 Movements with 35 mm Pendulum Posts.

Uses : B002.00890 Post 35 mm

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